Thursday, August 23, 2007

Weak posts suck.

The wooden kind.

Saturday, June 30, 2007


So, yesterday I burned off some of the hair in front of my face and a bit of my eyebrow with a massive flame from a BBQ. Stupid match took too long to light. Luckily it's hardly noticeable. I also killed a bug with a pair of foamy nunchucks, though I had to sacrifice the orderly nature of a few desk topping items to do it. Uh, I'm gonna go hit a post and watch a samurai movie. Samurai movie. Yeah. Awesome.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


So it is insane when you're getting used to it. Lying in bed, every position you try makes it more uncomfortable than the last. Your head pounding with that constant "Why aren't you asleep" headache and your body wants to crash; this was annoying at first. Sure, I still have trouble separating days on occasion, but it doesn't bother me too much because days are silly abstract things anyways. I can't think quite as well as I do normally, but I'm almost there. Insomnia is fantastic. I get way more time to do things. Now that I'm used to it, I can spend my whole day doing the things I want to and spend the night satiating my boredom with things like video games and books. If I get used to this there won't be a downside, just more hours in a day, which is more hours to become more. Good overall.

In other news, I've had some wacky instances. My impromptu jogs at Massey have been going particularly well for the most part, but around the start of this insomnia thing my sleep headache didn't hold up with it. By the time I was done there was a lot of pressure in my ears and more blood in my head then there should have been. I rested- come to think of it, ate- and that fixed the problem right up. Before that I had trip to Bluerock, jogging on occasion on my way down there. I couldn't climb up the path without using my hands too much, which should've been a sign, as well as the major difficulty on the second part of the wall! By the time I sat down for a rest on the top I'd remembered that eating's good, especially if you need to replace sleeping too. But all in good fun, I got my legs sore that day and I got a ride most of the way home. I have so many cars stop by me and/or pick me up, I either know everyone or I'm secretly a prostitute.

I went to my buddy Erin's birthday party, and that was... interesting. Great fun for the most part, interjected by occasional bouts of MASSIVE AWKWARDNESS. I've decided to make it a goal that until I stop being lazy and tear down that tree house I'm going to throw a large fence post at it everyday. If persist in putting it off my airborne battering ram should get the job done eventually. Theoretically. Man, I wish I found a homeless guy living in there, that'd be good reason to tear it down. Probably with him in it. And I could spend the day pretending I was sieging a castle, and it'd be awesome.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Yes, I'm posting for the first time in awhile, it's exciting. Except for that part where nothing too interesting is happening. I'm releasing myself bit by bit, which is good, since I've been a bit tied up mentally lately. I had five days off in a row because my job and I have the mutual understanding of not liking each other now, and thank god, because I really needed them. Not for hanging around and doing nothing time, but just to tell me more about myself, let me look at things from different angles. My emotions had kind of come to a stand-still for a bit, but they're back on track.

So, what am I doing right now? In general fitness, I'm bringing one-armed push-ups back. In writing, I have an idea that I'm outlining a little more clearly in an attempt to turn it from a flash of inspiration into a proper story. (Oddly enough, the inspiration was brought on by the idea of a monkey holding a bag with a dollar sign on it.) In guitar I'm trying to learn every difficult but practical finger position I can. I want more flexible fingers. Oh, and the song I'm learning currently is Such Great Heights by Iron And Wine. My fingers are certainly crossed for that one.
I love my mind again, it's thinking like it used to; Two things on the tip of it, three going on in the background. I miss this more than I thought I would. Thinking is actually becoming a hobby of mine. I still love multi-tasking, and some thoughts I could never have come by without it. But there's just something about relaxing with a soothing sound in your ear and your eyes focused on nothing that lets my mind take me where it wants. It's good. And let's not forget about long thoughtful walks. I love Prince George when it's two in the morning, especially with nearly abandoned streets and a light rain.

Definitely cathartic. Or defenestrating, I always confuse relaxing and cleansing with the act of throwing somebody out of a window. For me they could be very similar. Wait just one minute! I have an idea...

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


A month and a half without posting? I was sucked into a time vortex. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Vancouver, swords, and a choir.

So! It's been awhile since I posted. Let's start.

I went down to Vancouver to visit Sean for the first time in a long time. I was excited, not only for the tournament, but because I was going to be in a city again as opposed to a town. So the thing started off rather nicely.I was there for five minutes before the energy in the air opened up the ancient chakra gate most the most ancient monks in the Himalayas know as: testosterone. I was entering too. I knew it was going to be fun.

I spent a day playing with the katana, as I was entering the weapons division, and I learned a few handy things, maybe six moves or so that would be helpful, then some that'd be just sort of scary to the person I was against, it was good times.So the next day we went to the tournament with an awesome taxi driver who played some amusing pop songs for us. (Down there every cabbie I had was East Indian. I guess it's not just a stereotype anymore?) The problem with this was we had Promiscuous stuck in our heads the entire tournament.

So I got to the weapons division just in time with my brother, we were both competing, and we sat around and listened to the rules. It sort of made me wish I'd learned a couple other things, because some of those weapons looked ridiculously fun. So, Sean destroyed some people and got his way to the silver medal, clearly being the most skilled out of the group with his bo staff. I beat my guy 5-1 including disarming him intentionally and trying not to hurt him, it was good times. He advanced instead of me to win a bronze medal, due to judge error, but I would've won his next fight too, so I'm not as bothered as I thought I'd be. I went in for fun and to learn about myself, and that's what I got.

This was a good time overall, I even went to swing my sword down by the beach for some fun and to get an idea of how to use the thing. I brought back a wooden Chinese broadsword and a padded daito so I can start learning them, it'll be fun when I have more time. Till then, while we partied drunk in a hotel room I learned some karate moves, as well as some good techniques for various other ways to hurt people. OH! And this would explain the bruises on the inside of my right leg! (I had an explanation for all injuries but that one.) And watching a bo staff in action again will give me more ideas in how to continue training with that. And since it's getting to be spring-like, I can even do it outside!

So, I was sick, did work-related things I don't enjoy. I called in sick for one job to go and work at another, which while preferable in every other way, the Tim Hortons uniform makes me look more like a tool than my last one. Such a tiny hat. Other than that, I pretty much just learned about all the illegal or sub-par things my old boss did. Neat!

I went and saw Susie at the choir! It was fantastic, they sang a song from The Love Boat and Three's Company, both of which I vaugely remember for some reason. Not to mention a song about a woman courting an old man who had lost his diddly-ding-dong and slept with a younger guy every night. Certainly a good time for all, afterwards we went out and danced!

Back onto good things! I just watched Snatch, this movie pleased me. It's also once again inspiring my to work that accursed abdomen area. And once I have my wonderful six-pack(minimum) I'll use it for everything. Fighting off wild animals, laundry, picking up pens I've dropped or catching pens I may be worried about other's dropping. It'll be a fantastic time all-around. Also, I just ate, but I'm hungry, and sick come to think of it. But I'm better than I've been in two days, so the only option is training! Also, my key disappeared again, so I think I might trade in my ability to see for echolocation. As far as I can tell, it would be completely superior for key-finding. Unless my key was behind something, and except for the fact that I'd be annoying at movies. Babies have cornered the echolocation market as far as the theater industry is concerned, but I'll see what I can do.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


So, I watched 300. God, the work those actors did to become who they were is intense. I wish I had four months, a ridiculous amount of equipment and expensive trainers, and... yeah, four months. Sometimes I feel very drug down motivation-wise by people I'm around, I need to learn to shrug this feeling that because I'm doing more than someone else it's okay for me to be doing as little as I am.

Damn it, I need a rival. I ask any of you to come and heed my call, give me someone to compete against! I've got a partial rival already, but it's not enough, so far mostly just pushing me to be even more energetic. And I need to learn this Bruce Lee kick-up thing before they do.

I looked up Parkour on Youtube again and I felt tingles down my spine. I'm going to learn to do everything they do if it kills me, and it won't because I'm not an idiot. I know my limits, I know how to train for things before I do them, and most importantly I know my body. This will be helpful! There is no Free Running following in PG whatsoever, perhaps I'll change that after I get a little better at it, but for now I need to work on myself! My first challenges: kick-flip and handstands. I need an insane torso for some of those things, so an insane torso I shall have.

Oh! And I tried that personality test Nic had(thanks, by the way!)

I got a blank under love, I found it hilariously accurate! Though I must be a very odd person, because some of those sections just didn't have anything for me to click that made me remotely consider my choices. When my biggest vice has to be nail chewing just because that's one I have like once a month, I'd like a remake! Where was the vice about doing things until your arms don't work, or hurting your neck practicing kick-flips!? Bah!

This was a lot of post for talking about nothing. But yeah, essentially I'm going to continue researching Parkour and start practicing it, I'm excited. If anyone else interested, unlikely as that is, let me know!

Sunday, March 11, 2007


That garage is a beautiful thing, they all end up being beautiful things wherever I go. It's a lard cube of a building that has walls filled with rotting wood, and a heating system that broke down awhile ago. It's scared me sometimes when I was out there and particularly paranoid, and there's plenty of fragile things within I have to be careful of. But it's my space, full of wonderful wonderful space.

I like garages because they're often ignored sub-buildings, half the time mine ends up turning into a resort where I can go relax, improve myself and think without any distractions. (I may be able to partially turn it into a music building for late nights without bothering others if the weather continues to improve at this rate. Can't leave those things in a place with such static temperature.)

It's great. I can be as loud as I need to and as quiet as I want to. I can be as angry or depressed or energetic or lethargic as needed. The long short of it is it's my place, and I've only just begun thinking about that lately. It's one of the only places I can find enough relaxation to seriously do my breathing and let my mind wander. My room's a nice spot for relaxing and being alone, but it's no garage.

I'm going to start learning how to do tool things!

Friday, March 9, 2007


Also, looking back these posts seem pretty emo. I daresay I'm going to fix that in the near future. Till then, have a good one!

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Things are going well, my main objective now is to achieve employment at another place of business. I don't think that'll be difficult, I have very nice hair and can do one-armed push-ups, what more could somebody want?

I've been having fun with the guitar, and I'm secretly competitive with everyone else who plays it. I can't challenge anybody to guitar duels to the death because I only just started taking it seriously. However, don't be surprised to see me stepping out infront of you in a dark alleyway in the near future. It may be today, it may be tomorrow, (it couldn't possibly be yesterday, I would've remembered) and it may be a year from now. But one thing is certain. When that fateful day comes, you'd better have brought your axe. God knows I'm bringing mine.

Forgive me as I digress from guitassinations and move on to health and fitness. I've been sick for about a week and a half, and it's lame. Not to mention I have a canker sore that doesn't seem to want to quit, it's been there almost a week. I can't instantly assume it's scurvy like I always used to, because I've grown fond of apple juice in the past little while. I think the only explanation is that my body needs rest, however much that may suck. I'm fiddling with my bo staff again when the weather becomes nicer, though I seem to remember very little sadly. I've been doing tiny bits of fitness to ease myself back in from being sick, trying not to push it.

In conclusion, I've started my lis.t I think my sickness shouldn't be keeping my pace to complete it as low as it has been though. Things are okay, but they could be better, and I they will be.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


I was in a Firefly, and none of the normal characters were there, but I was trying to stop two women from killing eachother on a building. Then a bunch of reavers attacked the planet, and one girl got lost under some crazy water or something, and I could fly, and I had to try and save her from a crazy obsessive Willem Dafoe jet fighter. The mechanics of that were a bit sketchy, and this chick kept falling underwater, for minutes at a time(without drowning.) And I flew in and picked her up, only to drop her because Willem Dafoe tried to steal her. Sometimes he was a crazy space fighter, other times he was crazy wide-eyed Dafoe making grabby hands and demanding I return the girl because she was his. While there was an unrelated air war going on above.
Generally I liked it.

Sunday, February 4, 2007


These are things I plan to achieve(in no particular order) at least before the end of the year:
1.Learn to play a full song on the guitar.
2.Learn to sing a full song.
3.Write a short story.
4.Do that cool thing from Rocky IV
5.Perform a role in a play.
6.Change employment
7.Write a song.
8.Write a play.
9.Write/perform a stand-up comedy routine.
10.Assist in creating a short film.