Saturday, February 17, 2007


Things are going well, my main objective now is to achieve employment at another place of business. I don't think that'll be difficult, I have very nice hair and can do one-armed push-ups, what more could somebody want?

I've been having fun with the guitar, and I'm secretly competitive with everyone else who plays it. I can't challenge anybody to guitar duels to the death because I only just started taking it seriously. However, don't be surprised to see me stepping out infront of you in a dark alleyway in the near future. It may be today, it may be tomorrow, (it couldn't possibly be yesterday, I would've remembered) and it may be a year from now. But one thing is certain. When that fateful day comes, you'd better have brought your axe. God knows I'm bringing mine.

Forgive me as I digress from guitassinations and move on to health and fitness. I've been sick for about a week and a half, and it's lame. Not to mention I have a canker sore that doesn't seem to want to quit, it's been there almost a week. I can't instantly assume it's scurvy like I always used to, because I've grown fond of apple juice in the past little while. I think the only explanation is that my body needs rest, however much that may suck. I'm fiddling with my bo staff again when the weather becomes nicer, though I seem to remember very little sadly. I've been doing tiny bits of fitness to ease myself back in from being sick, trying not to push it.

In conclusion, I've started my lis.t I think my sickness shouldn't be keeping my pace to complete it as low as it has been though. Things are okay, but they could be better, and I they will be.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


I was in a Firefly, and none of the normal characters were there, but I was trying to stop two women from killing eachother on a building. Then a bunch of reavers attacked the planet, and one girl got lost under some crazy water or something, and I could fly, and I had to try and save her from a crazy obsessive Willem Dafoe jet fighter. The mechanics of that were a bit sketchy, and this chick kept falling underwater, for minutes at a time(without drowning.) And I flew in and picked her up, only to drop her because Willem Dafoe tried to steal her. Sometimes he was a crazy space fighter, other times he was crazy wide-eyed Dafoe making grabby hands and demanding I return the girl because she was his. While there was an unrelated air war going on above.
Generally I liked it.

Sunday, February 4, 2007


These are things I plan to achieve(in no particular order) at least before the end of the year:
1.Learn to play a full song on the guitar.
2.Learn to sing a full song.
3.Write a short story.
4.Do that cool thing from Rocky IV
5.Perform a role in a play.
6.Change employment
7.Write a song.
8.Write a play.
9.Write/perform a stand-up comedy routine.
10.Assist in creating a short film.