Sunday, June 17, 2007


Yes, I'm posting for the first time in awhile, it's exciting. Except for that part where nothing too interesting is happening. I'm releasing myself bit by bit, which is good, since I've been a bit tied up mentally lately. I had five days off in a row because my job and I have the mutual understanding of not liking each other now, and thank god, because I really needed them. Not for hanging around and doing nothing time, but just to tell me more about myself, let me look at things from different angles. My emotions had kind of come to a stand-still for a bit, but they're back on track.

So, what am I doing right now? In general fitness, I'm bringing one-armed push-ups back. In writing, I have an idea that I'm outlining a little more clearly in an attempt to turn it from a flash of inspiration into a proper story. (Oddly enough, the inspiration was brought on by the idea of a monkey holding a bag with a dollar sign on it.) In guitar I'm trying to learn every difficult but practical finger position I can. I want more flexible fingers. Oh, and the song I'm learning currently is Such Great Heights by Iron And Wine. My fingers are certainly crossed for that one.
I love my mind again, it's thinking like it used to; Two things on the tip of it, three going on in the background. I miss this more than I thought I would. Thinking is actually becoming a hobby of mine. I still love multi-tasking, and some thoughts I could never have come by without it. But there's just something about relaxing with a soothing sound in your ear and your eyes focused on nothing that lets my mind take me where it wants. It's good. And let's not forget about long thoughtful walks. I love Prince George when it's two in the morning, especially with nearly abandoned streets and a light rain.

Definitely cathartic. Or defenestrating, I always confuse relaxing and cleansing with the act of throwing somebody out of a window. For me they could be very similar. Wait just one minute! I have an idea...

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