Thursday, June 28, 2007


So it is insane when you're getting used to it. Lying in bed, every position you try makes it more uncomfortable than the last. Your head pounding with that constant "Why aren't you asleep" headache and your body wants to crash; this was annoying at first. Sure, I still have trouble separating days on occasion, but it doesn't bother me too much because days are silly abstract things anyways. I can't think quite as well as I do normally, but I'm almost there. Insomnia is fantastic. I get way more time to do things. Now that I'm used to it, I can spend my whole day doing the things I want to and spend the night satiating my boredom with things like video games and books. If I get used to this there won't be a downside, just more hours in a day, which is more hours to become more. Good overall.

In other news, I've had some wacky instances. My impromptu jogs at Massey have been going particularly well for the most part, but around the start of this insomnia thing my sleep headache didn't hold up with it. By the time I was done there was a lot of pressure in my ears and more blood in my head then there should have been. I rested- come to think of it, ate- and that fixed the problem right up. Before that I had trip to Bluerock, jogging on occasion on my way down there. I couldn't climb up the path without using my hands too much, which should've been a sign, as well as the major difficulty on the second part of the wall! By the time I sat down for a rest on the top I'd remembered that eating's good, especially if you need to replace sleeping too. But all in good fun, I got my legs sore that day and I got a ride most of the way home. I have so many cars stop by me and/or pick me up, I either know everyone or I'm secretly a prostitute.

I went to my buddy Erin's birthday party, and that was... interesting. Great fun for the most part, interjected by occasional bouts of MASSIVE AWKWARDNESS. I've decided to make it a goal that until I stop being lazy and tear down that tree house I'm going to throw a large fence post at it everyday. If persist in putting it off my airborne battering ram should get the job done eventually. Theoretically. Man, I wish I found a homeless guy living in there, that'd be good reason to tear it down. Probably with him in it. And I could spend the day pretending I was sieging a castle, and it'd be awesome.

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