Sunday, October 5, 2008


I haven't posted for a little while I guess. On with the show.

So what happened while I was gone? I moved out of the house to go and live with Nic and Daniel in their apartment. Thus far, it's going pretty well, if about ten times grosser than I'm comfortable with. But we just got roughly eight times cleaner, so we're almost there!

I've done more weapons training, I went to Tiger Balm and won a gold medal this time. This included beating Sean with swords. This only happened because of him not sleeping and awkward rules, and I probably won't let him forget it. I'm re-learning the clarinet and learning the geetarr.

I went to Jasper for a few weeks. GOD that place is beautiful if you look in the right spots. There's nothing like climbing a waterfall no one was expecting to be there, and punching a glacier so hard it cried. No need to thank me. I'm just doing my part to hurry along global warming and drown those dope-loving hippies in their tracks.

Oh, and I'm spending time on becoming a more effective thinker. It's working, but it's also kind of lame. Now, to quell the anger of the masses that's surely risen in my absence, I'm going to need a distraction.

Instant vindication. See you around String Ray!

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